Sequallity Client Feedback

We like working with our clients and sometimes we get really good feedback and the truth is, it goes nowhere, so here it is in all its anonymised glory, as only good GDPR practitioners would say… N.B. Your proposed changes for the [Redacted] process were put live and we’ve seen a marked improvement in the process since. Thanks for the help on this. The client is referring to Stored Procedure

SQL Server 2019 Installation Walkthrough (CTP 3.2 August 2019)

Hello. Another version of SQL Server is bestowed upon us at the end of 2019. Recently I installed this so here are screenshots of this SQL Server 2019 installation walkthrough. It’s nice to see the changes as the product evolves.  I wonder how much longer though a physical product will be produced. Or will the robots get us first…If only I was a betting man. SQL Server 2019 Installation Walkthrough

How to solve HTML Agility Pack: the request was aborted, the operation has timed out error

I like to write some code using Visual Studio and C#. I downloaded the HTML Agility Pack recently and I must say, I’m well impressed. I was using C# and Visual Studio 2019 Community edtion and downloading some html and kept getting the above error. You know what fixed it… System.Threading.Thread.Sleep(1000); I put this just after the Load and the Get. I figured, maybe the Pack needs a bit of