Sequallity have decades of experience in the SQL database space. In this time, we have come across some really great products that empower developers and users working with SQL Server, whether it be virtual, on-premise or even at a server level.

The great features of these products are they are easy-to-use and very powerful, giving environmental control of Live, Dev and UAT to the people who understand it the most.

Please quote Sequallity when you talk to the Catalogic team. This software is highly recommended

Copy Data Management for Microsoft SQL Server Databases

Easily Create, Manage and Deliver Copies of SQL Server

Copies of SQL Server data are needed for many IT functions, including local and remote recovery, development and test, reporting, compliance and so on. According to IDC, over 80% of organizations maintain more than ten copies of every SQL Server database at any given time. Not only does this create a massive infrastructure cost penalty, but the ongoing demand for database copies consumes valuable IT staff time and effort.


For this reason, Copy Data Management (CDM) is becoming a must-have solution for enterprises running SQL Server. Catalogic ECX integrates storage array copy processes (snapshots, replication, clones) with SQL Server, allowing users to leverage their existing storage infrastructure to automatically create, track and deliver fresh copies of SQL Server databases to those business units that require them.


Storage Array Copy Management - Catalogic ECX Modernizes and Transforms the Data Center

Organizations of all sizes need to modernize their IT processes to enable critical new use cases such as operational automation, DevOps and integration of system-of-record data with Cloud compute. They are equally challenged with improving management efficiencies for long established IT processes such as data protection, disaster recovery, reporting and test and development.

Catalogic ECX is a Copy Data Management (CDM) platform that can bring modernization to an existing environment without disruption. ECX delivers ‘in-place’ copy data management to enterprise storage arrays from IBM, NetApp and Pure Storage,  allowing the IT team to make use of its existing infrastructure and data in a manner that is efficient, automated, scalable and easy to use. ECX modernizes IT processes, enables key use cases, and does it all without additional hardware.


Easy Backup that Works

What values do you look for in a backup solution? How about these:

    Reliable backup that works

    Rapid recovery when you need it

    An open storage model

    A first-class support team

    Affordable, easy to understand licensing

If you don’t have these, the rest doesn’t really matter. That’s why Catalogic have spent over 20 years focused on these core values.

DPX provides robust backup and recovery capabilities. Our patented block-level protection reduces backup time and impact by 90%, for both physical and virtual servers. Files and applications are easily recovered directly from backup storage. The DPX software-defined vStor backup repository lets you build your own backup targets to meet your unique performance and capacity requirements, without having to rely on expensive single-purpose appliances. And it’s all backed by a support team that routinely gets 95% or higher customer satisfaction ratings, along with a NetPromoter score consistently over 80 (compared to a software industry average of about 30).

Catalogic also has a single-tiered licensing model that provides full functionality, including reporting and all agents, in a single license. No hidden costs, no surprises.

Whether you want to completely rearchitect your backup environment, or just need a better solution for a particular problem (NDMP, SharePoint, long-term data archiving, remote offices, SQL table restore, BMR, etc.), Catalogic DPX is just what you need.


Modernized Backup for Open VMs

vProtect is an enterprise backup solution for Open VM environments such as Nutanix, Citrix Xen, RedHat Virtualization, KVM and more. vProtect enables VM-level protection and can function as a standalone solution or integrate with enterprise backup software. vProtect also provides data protection for Kubernetes deployments.

vProtect provides a wide range of capabilities and makes use of advanced virtualization platform features such as changed block tracking when available.