SQL Training Courses

SQL Training tailored for your unique requitements

We can deliver Microsoft SQL training at your site or at a venue near you or at our site at Silverstone (1-10 people) if you like to get out of the office. Lunch and Refreshments are provided by us at Silverstone. We can provide laptops pre-loaded with the course for a fee, or you can provide your own hardware if you’re on a budget (if you are let us know, we’ll see what we can do for you).  We provide training for you, your way. You can choose the training courses here or mix and match as our current clients frequently do.  You can provide an agenda from another supplier, we can deliver that too.

How we Agree your SQL Server Training

It’s simple, the trainer will talk to you.  We build an agreed agenda, and you can take away modules or points or add them in, and we build and deliver the course you designed.  You receive a training manual effectively repeating the course.  We don’t just cover what’s in the manual though; we can go off-topic if time permits and you’d like us to talk briefly about something you’re interested in, say like new features of SQL Server 2019. In July 2019, we delivered a 1-day Beginner’s TSQL followed by a 1-day Beginner’s SSRS. Your training, your way.

How we deliver your SQL Server Training

We explain a point, we talk to you about it, you ask questions then we run through a demo and re-visit it subsequently if it didn’t quite go in.  The lesson is learning. Here is our current course list…

SQL Server Reporting Services Training Course - SSRS Training - 2 Days

This two day SSRS course comprehensively covers most of the important features of SSRS. You do not need to know T-SQL to get the most out of this course, we’ve got that covered.

T-SQL shouldn’t be difficult. It isn’t, you just need demos, explanations and practice, practice, practice.  Let us show you T-SQL.

Being a DBA is a tough job, a lot of people learn as they go.  If SQL Server is a black box to you, then we can show you skills learnt in the real world.

SQL Server Performance Tuning Training Course - 1-3 Days

We tune SQL Server. We fix slow SQL Servers.  We can show you how we do it.  Nothing is kept back.

New Features of SQL Server Database Engine and T-SQL Enhancements Training Course - 1-2 Days

SQL Server is a monster. It keeps growing.  We address this by analysing each new version and assessing the new Database Engine and T-SQL improvments.  We build this frequently into our courses.  We’ve delivered 2 days SSRS and 1 day New Features of SQL 2012/2014/2016/2017 and now 2019. Long may it continue!

Analysis Services Training Courses - 1-2 Days

Analysis Services is a great data warehouse tool.  We can show you single days on Multidimensional and Tabular Data Modelling. Or you can do both.

Data Warehousing Training Courses - 1-3 Days

This course can be 2 days of Analysis Services; with a day of SSIS glued on to make a 3 day comprehensive data warehousing course.  What we love about this course, is discussing solutions to clients requirements in the course, it’s like free consultancy whilst in a training environment.

SQL Server Integration Training Course - SSIS Training - 1 Day

SSIS is a great tool. Learn how to get up-to-speed in this beginners SSIS course.

Azure SQL Database Training Course - SQL Azure Training - 1-2 Days​

SQL is now definitely in the cloud and although some shops are moving piecemeal, as you should, there will come a day when most SQL Servers will all be in the cloud.  Learn what all the fuss is about.  Coming soon!