SQL Server Support

Regular On-Going Monthly SQL Server Support

Maybe you don’t have a DBA or you don’t have someone who can re-code or re-factor T-SQL queries. This is where we can help. For many of our clients we offer regular monthly SQL Server Support.

How does the SQL Server Support Work?

Well, we dial in every month remotely and we run through our checklist or pick-up a poorly performing SQL Server query, possibly we’ve already identified in a previous health check. We also will work on what you want us to look at, Blocking, Deadlocking, whatever is causing you issues.

We have No SQL Skills - Can you still help?

Absolutely.  Several of our clients do not have any SQL Server skills on-board, they don’t have a full-time DBA, so we take the lead.  We run through a health check and this takes 1 to 2 dial-ins. We document our findings and with can either work Autonomously, (i.e. we simply get on and do it, with notification to the client) or we Inform, we provide the documentation highlighting the issues.  As we like to have a very clear and concise relationship with our clients, we talk back and forth and implement what’s best for them.

This is Just 9-5 Right?

Well, actually no.  Often the work can only be implemented mornings or after midnight, so we adjust to that for no extra charge. However, we don’t offer 24×7 support.

How many Hours are Added in the Base Package?

4 hours are included as a minimum and this includes roughly 1 hour of documentation. This happens every month or as often as you want, 8 hours, 6 hours, 2 hours, you decide.

How much does This Regular SQL Server Support Cost?

It costs £300 per month excl VAT.  So you can have a Sequallity DBA looking after your valuable system for less than £4,000 excl VAT per year.

But I Don't need Monthly Support?

Well, that’s just fine, then head over to our SQL Server Health Check page, we might be able to cure your problems for good.