Beginners Guide to What is Azure SQL Database?

OK, let’s try and breakdown the basic components of the cloud offering of Microsoft’s SQL Database and the various options available to you. Be aware there are two differing version of SQL Server (SQL Server Database Engine and Azure SQL Database) offered in the Azure cloud. Really? I Have Need of a Specific SQL Server Database Engine Feature Well then, it might be best for you to visit this document.

Find Top 10 SQL Server Performance Problems

Recently, I blogged about the Top 10 SQL Server Performance Tuning Tips, the things we typically see when we healthcheck SQL Servers here at Sequallity. Now, we have developed a simple script to find the top 10 SQL Server Performance Problems. The script can take between 20 seconds and 42 minutes to run, depending on the number of databases present on the SQL server. It looks at the usual suspects

Top 10 SQL Server Performance Tuning Tips

Top 10 SQL Server Performance Tuning Tips for On-Premises and Virtualised SQL Servers I have been thinking recently about what is the most effective changes you can make to a SQL Server system and subsequently how these changes rank for importance. Maybe it’s all those Youtube videos I watch, so here are our Top 10 SQL Performance Tuning tips in reverse order… It’s a tough call because let’s say missing

How to use Between in SQL Server Demo Examples

How to use the Between Keyword in SQL Server T-SQL: SQL Developer Series Hello and here we have some demos showing how to use Between in SQL Server. The whole script is at the bottom of the post. In our Sequallity training classes, I’m always banging on about keeping the amount of text down. It just makes it easier for the brain to understand what’s going on with the T-SQL

How to check SQL Server Version

What version of SQL Server do I have? If you’re wondering how to check SQL Server version you are running, then wonder no more. Here at Sequallity, we want to help. And to that end here is a script to find out which version you are currently running with. This is version 1.0 of the script and I shall be adding to it over time. The script is built to

How to find a Sql Server Consultant

Times they are defintely a-changing. How do you find a SQL Server Consultant in this day and age? Call us on 01604 372 652 for a free 30 minute SQL consultation, to see if our companies are a good fit. If we’re busy, leave a message, we’ll get back to you or email us if you prefer. A lot of support companies are really IT companies, and they’re trying to

Azure SQL Health Check

At Sequallity, the SQL Health Check Azure is relatively new, however we have been delivering SQL Server Health Checks for years. If you need an on-premises or virtual SQL Health Check then please click here. There are two complimentary ways to analyse and health check an Azure SQL Solution. The Azure SQL Health Check can be run on an Azure SQL Database, an Azure SQL Managed Instance or a SQL

The New Benefits of Microsoft SQL Server 2019 Licencing

Potential Cost-Saving Benefit of the SQL Server 2019 Licencing Conditions Is this the same old Microsoft SQL Server 2019 Licencing model? The same licencing model as the much older versions? Er, no. In this world, you do not get something for nothing, I’m sure you all agree. This new model has been implemented since SQL Server 2016. Nothing has come easy for me. I have to work hard to achieve

Comprehensive List of New Features of SQL Server 2019

New Features of SQL Server 2019 It’s that time again to talk about the New Features of SQL Server 2019. Years ago, there was no need to keep so up-to-date with the New Features of SQL Server due to the release dates of each version (I’m talking about you SQL Server 2000 and SQL Server 2005) between each version. Now, with a much increased release cycle it is critical for

How I passed Exam 70-765 in 2 Easy Steps

How I passed Exam 70-765 in 2 Easy Steps This is my story of how to pass the exam 70-765 in two easy steps. As before this involves the Microsoft Exam 70-765 book and the MeasureUp Exam 70-765 practice tests but first, a small catchup… Last November, it was time for my final exam in order to keep the Microsoft and Sequallity’s data platform competency up-to-date. I’ve enjoyed both of