Times they are defintely a-changing. How do you find a SQL Server Consultant in this day and age? Call us on 01604 372 652 for a free 30 minute SQL consultation, to see if our companies are a good fit. If we’re busy, leave a message, we’ll get back to you or email us if you prefer.

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A lot of support companies are really IT companies, and they’re trying to cover all the different revenue streams they can and SQL Server Consultancy is one of these streams.

Here at Sequallity though, we’re different. We are Microsoft SQL Server Consultants and SQL Server Trainers. The client is our focus. Our mission is to provide supreme SQL Server consultancy at great value. And really, it shouldn’t be that expensive.

We have years of experience with SQL Server, and we are always learning and passing on our knowledge to our clients. For us it isn’t about the ego, it’s about helping our clients really get the best out of SQL Server. We’re still taking the latest greatest Pearson Vue exams.

Steps on How to find a SQL Server Consultant?

  1. Identify your problem, or if you’re struggling, let us find it for you.
  2. Email us with your problem or if you’re really struggling, let us dial-in and help you.
  3. Call us and tell us about your problems, and let us talk to you about your SQL Server problems.
  4. Hire us for s SQL Server Health Check or some SQL Server Training.

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