Potential Cost-Saving Benefit of the SQL Server 2019 Licencing Conditions

Is this the same old Microsoft SQL Server 2019 Licencing model? The same licencing model as the much older versions? Er, no. In this world, you do not get something for nothing, I’m sure you all agree. This new model has been implemented since SQL Server 2016.

SQL Server 2019 Licencing Wave

Nothing has come easy for me. I have to work hard to achieve what others seem to attain naturally. You never get a free lunch. Only this time, with the new Microsoft SQL Server 2019 Licensing rules it seems you do, and then some.

Check out the SQL Server 2019 Licensing Datasheet. I’ve highlighted the juicy part…

“Licensing for non-production use SQL Server 2019 Developer Edition provides a fully featured version of SQL Server software—including all the features and capabilities of Enterprise Edition—licensed for development, test and demonstration purposes only. Customers may install and run the SQL Server Developer Edition software on any number of devices. This is significant because it allows customers to run the software on multiple devices (for testing purposes, for example) without having to license each non-production server system for SQL Server.

A production environment is defined as an environment that is accessed by end-users of an application (such as an Internet website) and that is used for more than gathering feedback or acceptance testing of that application.

Developers can also gain access to SQL Server Developer through the Visual Studio Dev Essentials program, which also provides access to many other valuable developer resources.”

This Could be a Real Cost-Saving Benefit

At Sequallity, the only problem we see is this. If you have SQL Server 2019 Standard Edition, then your DEV and UAT systems will be on a different version. Developer Edition is effectively SQL Server 2019 Enterprise Edition with all the bells and whistles features (your Dev box could be faster than your live box, but hey, testing will be quicker?). We believe this only applies to SQL Server 2019 and not the previous versions.

Microsoft SQL Server Logo

The prior problem is not great and not something we truly recommend, having differing LIVE/UAT/Dev Editions, however, if you need to save money and quite frankly who doesn’t, it could be a really good cost-saving solution. You may get other issues down-the-line, but as long as you’re aware of Enterprise and Standard-only features then I say go for it, save some money.

Also, if you do have Enterprise Editions for some SQL Servers, this is a massive potential saving. I guess lunch is on you then?

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