How to find a Sql Server Consultant

Times they are defintely a-changing. How do you find a SQL Server Consultant in this day and age? Call us on 01604 372 652 for a free 30 minute SQL consultation, to see if our companies are a good fit. If we’re busy, leave a message, we’ll get back to you or email us if you prefer. A lot of support companies are really IT companies, and they’re trying to

Sequallity Client Feedback

We like working with our clients and sometimes we get really good feedback and the truth is, it goes nowhere, so here it is in all its anonymised glory, as only good GDPR practitioners would say… N.B. Your proposed changes for the [Redacted] process were put live and we’ve seen a marked improvement in the process since. Thanks for the help on this. The client is referring to Stored Procedure