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Our TSQL Course can cover Beginners or Intermediate/Advanced training, depending on your needs. So, with this Transact SQL Training, you will learn real-world skills gleaned by experienced SQL Developers.

Learn how to write effective SQL statements from the ground up in this TSQL Course. Understand the set paradigm, right from the start. No experience is necessary to go to a good level with clear explanations and lots of examples.

This course can be 1 day to 3 days depending on your level of expertise, you decide

On the Beginners TSQL Course, we cover Set theory then lots of examples about selecting and filtering data. Joining data and more difficult TSQL topics covered including examples of stored procedures and views.

If you are require a more Intermediate/Advanced Transact SQL Training Course we cover the more advanced constructs of TSQL and how to use them in the right way. We cover all of the new Transact-SQL features up to the version you choose to study in. Learning all about tables and indexes will let you know how to fix poorly performing SQL Server queries.

Logical query processing, table b-trees, indexes, access methods are all covered. How queries work and how to use the right construct at the right time is covered in depth.

T-SQL for Beginners or Data Analysts Training Course Agenda

T-SQL Introduction

  •     SQL Server Management Studio
  •     Creating Tables
  •     Naming Conventions
  •     Data Types


  •     SELECT
  •     FROM
  •     WHERE
  •     GROUP BY
  •     ORDER BY
  •     and lastly HAVING (not in the right order!) and why that’s important


  •     CASE statements
  •     LIKE
  •     Functions (lots of them)
  •     Date and Time

Join Us

  •     Cross
  •     Inner
  •     Outer
  •     1-to-Many
  •     Many-to-Many
  •     Union
  •     Union All

Database Objects

  •     Stored Procedures
  •     Views
  •     Calling them and where to use them?
  •     Why to use them?
  •     Examples

Adding More Data

  •     INSERT
  •     DELETE

Control of Flow

  •     IF
  •     WHILE
  •     Cursors
  •     Loops

It’s all Temporary

  •     Derived Tables
  •     Temporary Tables
  •     Table Variables
  •     Benefits and downsides

T-SQL for Developers Intermediate/Advanced Training Course Agenda

Query Deconstruction Introduction

  •     Logical Query Processing
  •     SQL Server Database Internals
  •     Storage & B-Trees
  •     Heaps, Indexes Clustered and Non-clustered
  •     Covering Indexes
  •     Index Access Methods

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  •     Joins
  •     Natural
  •     Equi-joins and Non-equi joins
  •     Nested, Merge and Hash Joins

Data and Tables               

  •     Data Types
  •     Normal Form
  •     Temporary Tables
  •     Table Variables
  •     While vs Cursors
  •     For Performance

Table Expressions

  •     Derived Tables
  •     CTEs and Views
  •     In-line Table-Valued Functions
  •     The APPLY Operator
  •     Date and Time anomalies


  •     Dynamic SQL vs Stored Procs
  •     EXEC
  •     sp_executesql
  •     UDFs
  •     Multistatement Table-Valued UDFs

The Database Objects!

  •     Stored Procedures
  •     Triggers
  •     Error Handling

Blockchain is old news  

  •     Transactions
  •     Isolation Levels
  •     Locking and Blocking
  •     Deadlocking
  •     Handling deadlocks
  •     Timeouts

The Query Optimizer

  •     The Query Optimizer
  •     How the optimiser decides and indexes
  •     Execution Plans
  •     Graphical Execution Plans

TSQL Course Training Feedback

What do our delegates like most about the Transact SQL training course?

TSQL Training Comments

  • “Very personable trainer who really engages the audience.  Perfect way for me to learn” – Jimmy
  • “Being able to go through examples throughout the day” – Pritesh 

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