Sequality Limited – SQL Server Consultancy

Why it’s not Sequality Limited – SQL Server Consultancy and it’s Sequallity Limited – SQL Server Consultancy.

Sequality Logo - where SQL and Quality join...

When I started Sequality Limited wayback in 2005, I wanted to use a JOIN type analogy of a company name if there ever is such a thing and I wanted SQL and Quality. It took me months to come up with this with other candidates for names as well. Eventually I settled for Sequality. And lo and behold there was already a company out there called Sequality, what were the chances? And no, they were Document Management Specialists not SQL Server Consultants.

So with a burgeoning respect for doulbe LLs, I decided to use both Ls from SQL and Quality thus forming Sequallity Limited. Now in our 15th year come April 2020 and being a Microsoft partner since 2008, it hasn’t been too detrimentall.

Apart from some of my clients cracking jokes about SQLL Server etc. etc. Oh, how we alll llaughed.

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