SQL Server Reporting Services Training | SSRS Training

Learn how to use SSRS, SQL Server Reporting Services, the Report Designer or the Report Builder, Report Manager, Report Layout, Formatting, Data Access, Server Administration and Mobile Reports.

Versions SQL Server 2012 to SQL Server 2017 covered. Report Designer or Report Builder covered.


Learning Outcomes

SSRS Report Development and Delivery

Course Requirements

Report developers, Power Users, Excel Users or Complete Beginners.

T-SQL mastery is not required for this course, we provide the T-SQL statements, they do not get in the way of learning the SSRS features.

Course Length

2-day course

Course Cost

£350.00 per person Per Day excl VAT

SQL Server Reporting Services Training Course – SSRS Training Course Agenda

SSRS Fundamentals

  • SSRS Overview
  • Report Server
  • Native Mode
  • Report Designer or Report Builder

Report Designer & Report Manager

  • Data Sources
  • Data Sets
  • Report Layout
  • Preview
  • Build & Deployment

Creating Reports

  • Projects & Report Wizard
  • First Report using Report Designer
  • Connecting to Data
  • Table, Matrix and Lists plus the Toolbox
  • Formatting of Dates, Currency, Numbers
  • Expressions

Advanced Reports

  • Grouping
  • Interactive Sorting
  • Grand Totals, Subtotals and Running Totals
  • Built-in Fields & Parameters
  • Cascading Parameters
  • Mobile Reports

Report Design

  • Drilldown & Drillthrough
  • Subreports
  • Linked Reports
  • Action Reports
  • Stored Procedures or Queries?


  • Adding Images
  • Indicators
  • Gauges
  • Sparklines
  • Data Bars
  • Document Maps
  • UK Maps
  • KPIs


  • What is a Report File?
  • Build
  • Deployment
  • Configuration Manager
  • ReportServer Databases


  • Stored Credentials
  • Subscriptions
  • Caching
  • Snapshots


  • Roles
  • Role Assignments


“learning new things to be able to apply this in the workplace and make my life easier” – Ben

“John catered the training for our requirements – stored procedures etc.” – Dan

“very hands-on with lots of experience. Most effective way of learning for myself.” – Josh

“very interactive and structured” – Ludwig