SQL Server 2019 Installation Walkthrough (CTP 3.2 August 2019)

Hello. Another version of SQL Server is bestowed upon us at the end of 2019. Recently I installed this so here are screenshots of this SQL Server 2019 installation walkthrough. It’s nice to see the changes as the product evolves.  I wonder how much longer though a physical product will be produced. Or will the robots get us first…If only I was a betting man. SQL Server 2019 Installation Walkthrough

How to solve HTML Agility Pack Error: the request was aborted, the operation has timed-out error

Recently, I encountered a HTML Agility Pack error. I like to write some code using Visual Studio and C#. I downloaded the HTML Agility Pack recently and I must say, I’m well impressed. I was using C# and Visual Studio 2019 Community edtion and downloading some html and kept getting the above error. You know what fixed it… System.Threading.Thread.Sleep(1000); I put this just after the Load and the Get. I