The New Benefits of Microsoft SQL Server 2019 Licencing

Potential Cost-Saving Benefit of the SQL Server 2019 Licencing Conditions Is this the same old Microsoft SQL Server 2019 Licencing model? The same licencing model as the much older versions? Er, no. In this world, you do not get something for nothing, I’m sure you all agree. This new model has been implemented since SQL Server 2016. Nothing has come easy for me. I have to work hard to achieve

Comprehensive List of New Features of SQL Server 2019

New Features of SQL Server 2019 It’s that time again to talk about the New Features of SQL Server 2019. Years ago, there was no need to keep so up-to-date with the New Features of SQL Server due to the release dates of each version (I’m talking about you SQL Server 2000 and SQL Server 2005) between each version. Now, with a much increased release cycle it is critical for

How I passed Exam 70-765 in 2 Easy Steps

How I passed Exam 70-765 in 2 Easy Steps This is my story of how to pass the exam 70-765 in two easy steps. As before this involves the Microsoft Exam 70-765 book and the MeasureUp Exam 70-765 practice tests but first, a small catchup… Last November, it was time for my final exam in order to keep the Microsoft and Sequallity’s data platform competency up-to-date. I’ve enjoyed both of

How to implement SQL Azure Activity Monitor using T-SQL

SQL Azure Database Activity Monitor (Using T-SQL) This script reveals how how to implement a SQL Azure Activity Monitor utilising T-SQL. As with everything in life, this is a good news, bad news story. The bad news is SSMS does not have Activity Monitor for SQL Azure Database and sometimes with my SQL Azure Developer hat on, I am only allowed access to the SQL Azure Database and not the

SSRS Course SSRS Training Course

SSRS Course for Beginners or Developers Learning Outcomes On this SSRS Course, learn how to use SSRS, SQL Server Reporting Services, the Report Designer, Report Manager, Report Layout, Formatting, Data Access, Server Administration, Mobile Reports. Essentially you learn about SSRS Report Development and Delivery. SQL Server Versions All versions of SQL Server are covered as well as if you’d prefer the course delivered in Report Designer or Report Builder. Course