How I passed Exam 70-765 in 2 Easy Steps

How I passed Exam 70-765 in 2 Easy Steps This is my story of how to pass the exam 70-765 in two easy steps. As before this involves the Microsoft Exam 70-765 book and the MeasureUp Exam 70-765 practice tests but first, a small catchup… Last November, it was time for my final exam in order to keep the Microsoft and Sequallity’s data platform competency up-to-date. I’ve enjoyed both of

How to pass 70-764 – Administering a SQL Database Infrastructure in 2 Weeks!

I really enjoyed studying and taking the 70-764 exam but everything is always muddied water, isnt it? Maybe it’s just me. Ok, so it was time to renew the Microsoft Data Platform Competency – Silver, for Sequallity Limited and a funny thing happened on the way.  I had decided to go down the Database Dev route and this consisted of 3 exams, initially.  So, I had passed the first exam

How to pass 70-761 Querying Data with Transact-SQL in 3 weeks!

Rather foolishly, I set myself a challenge to study and pass the 70-761 exam in 3 weeks.  (Initially, I set myself two weeks but it was too stressful, so I had to extend it). I really enjoyed the exam (when it was over, and I’d passed).  When I clicked to the End, I really didn’t know what score I’d got. Also, I clicked on review, so I had to wait